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Improve Your Health Before Aging Externally and Internally

Posted on July 17, 2019 in Uncategorized

For men and women the years will come and go and stopping the aging process is just not quite possible. During the years our body as well as our health generally will decline in some way or another and when we get to the half way point or middle age it is not uncommon to get health problems or illnesses that we have not experienced before. There are many diseases and kinds of illnesses that will occur that often give us no indication of what is coming but there are some things we can do to reduce the aging effects.

For women and men there are specific gender related diseases such as prostate cancer for men and cervical or breast cancer for women. The bigger concern, at least from a female perspective is the affects of the aging process as to how we look physically. We strive to stay healthy for our body sake but the main push behind any attempts to stay healthy generally relate to the physical look of our bodies. While you can’t stop the process of aging all together there are some things that you can do to put the brakes on a little bit and these changes while the desired effect is more external will indeed improve our internal health systems as well.

We, both genders, need to make sure that we take care with what we eat and drink. Everyone has heard that you should be drinking 8 glasses of water per day however it is considered that drinking even more than this helps greatly with your health. When you remain hydrated with plenty of fluids, not alcoholic varieties, your skin will appear smoother and can often obtain that glow that everyone talks about. Using excessive makeup for women to produce the desired look does not actually assist in helping your inner health improve.

As well as drinking as much water as we can we should also be eating as healthily as possible. Our diet should be a good balance overall not just one day a week where we concentrate on good eating habits. Our food choices should include balanced diet options. When I use the word diet I do not mean that you should be constantly dieting, you should be taking care with the daily foods that become your daily diet. Making sure you are eating a lot of fruit and vegetables with a good balance of quantity and variation not only for health but also to help us maintain good food choices. If you eat the same foods day after day you become bored, your body requires variation just as much as your mood or feelings require variations in what you eat.

The way we are living also has a great affect on our health. In many cases your bodies make up or genes have a great deal to do with your external appearance and in some cases your risk for diseases. However the way we live and the amount of daily stress and strain we force our bodies to endure also affect the way we look and feel. An example of a bad lifestyle would be all the bad habits that we get into from an early age such as smoking and drinking but also includes aspects such as whether we eat well and at regular times as well as whether we are in fact sleeping well and long enough to allow our bodies the chance to rejuvenate. The more you push your body in your younger years to conform to all the parties and late nights in most cases will come back to haunt you and show in your physical appearance.

Exercise of course is a major factor. Many people do not like to exercise, myself included. However if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle you must include forms of exercise. If you are not someone who likes to exercise then you need to find other activities that incorporate some exercise within them. Such as going to the beach and swimming or playing with your friends or your children. Try to include some physical activities in your life that you do not perceive as exercise as when you feel it is a task you are more likely to come up with excuses to not partake. There are simple things you can do such as parking your car a long way from your intended destination forcing yourself to walk more and yes the demands of jobs and time frames has an impact on whether this is possible but try at least 3 times a week to do this and you will be introducing exercise into your lifestyle.

However you look at it you are unable to stop the process of aging short of cosmetic options which only reach the outside appearance and will not improve your internal health in any way. However in saying that the way you feel on the outside can indeed improve the way you feel about maintaining or improving your internal health as when you feel good you are more likely to take care of your body than if you feel that the age has caught up already. So try to consider options that will suit your lifestyle that allow you to make changes that will better your health and improve the way aging has already affected your outer appearance.

Integrated Electronic Medical Record: One Software, Numerous Benefits

Posted on July 13, 2019 in Uncategorized

Health and medical emergencies have become one among the top priorities for people in the recent times. With technological development in The Field Of Medical And Surgical Science, doctors and hospitals are able to provide new hope to the patients. This has increased the responsibilities and patient handling load of the hospitals, demanding them to go for effective and failsafe automated patient information record system. Integrated Electronic Medical Record system or in short, IEMR is an answer to such a growing need for better, hassle-free and safe patient handling and health information management.

IEMR is a broader term and it encompasses a myriad of aspects concerning patient Health/Medical Information Management. In this post, we will elaborate expansively on the various needs and their suitable remedies, which IEMR Software has taken care of efficiently.

Needs that led to the development of IEMR

Standardisation for all Usage
The evolution of IEMR software is deeply driven by the need to standardise health record keeping and tracking patients’ information. Hospitals keep on adding bunches over bunches of files containing vital health records of their patients. A patient’s medical record does not alone contain information about the current state of the patient, but carries a historical record of diseases and also that of his/her ancestors. The real need of the software is felt when doctors require to access to earlier history of the disease and searching one particular file from the mountainous repository is a daunting task.

IEMR software, in this regard brings a standardise approach to safe record keeping of the patients. It brings The Concept Of Digitised Hospital Software system to working. It is like one system, one platform, one build and one access point – standardised for all to use. Each patient has one unique health ID that serves as key to unlock the entire health information of the patient.

Collaboration with Diagnostic Centres and Pharmacies
IEMR software prove to be helpful in collaborating the patients’ hospitals with the diagnostic centres and pharmacies as well. Patients are really benefitted in a way that they get all their reports and medications in one place and that too in electronic form. there is no ambiguity about the name of the tests or the medicines prescribed. Once the consultation is done, The eHealth Record System itself sends an alert to respective diagnostic centres and pharmacies each as required, which makes the patients’ life each and hassle-free.

Building a Rich Health Information Repository for allT
he first interface of patients’ Health Information Record/Management is maintained at the registration desk. That starts a critical thread, which includes prescriptions advised by all the doctors, diagnosis made time to time, medications prescribed and subsequent follow ups made. Imagine, the web of information created automatically for each patient during the course. Mostly, all of them are paper-based copies carried and circulated among all the departments. Digital health record system makes it simplified.

Imagine, if at any stage, any of the proofs or papers is lost, how difficult it would be for the patients to recreate them. IEMR Software addresses this issue promptly by maintaining a digital repository of all the information generated in its database. So, the patients’ records are all available safely with the doctors. Any time, anyone requests a copy, it is matter of a click to share the same with the patients.

High Blood Pressure Dieting – Avoid Medication with Hypertension Natural Alternative

Posted on July 8, 2019 in Uncategorized

I think numbers are amazing! I think I must have been that geeky kid who would just do math equations for fun all day in school. In fact, the curse of numbers followed me to college and for some reason wooed me into an accounting degree even though my true passion has always been health. None the less, I think you can tell a lot from numbers! And I recently was astonished by the numbers of high blood pressure while reading an article.

High Blood Pressure Statistics

Over 65 million Americans over the age of 20 have the disease nicknamed the ‘silent killer’.

About 1 and 3 adults have high blood pressure and most the sufferers are unaware they are struggling with the deadly disease.

Over 300,000 people will die from the widow-maker disease.

Billions upon billions of dollars (could be as close to 50 billion dollars) are spent on the expensive disease each year.

And finally, almost every single high blood pressure sufferer could naturally cure themselves with an effective natural treatment.

After looking at these numbers, you can’t help but think it is time that our country and others do something about this epidemic that is killing human life at the same rate as smoking.

Now let me ask, “Are you going to be part of the statistics?”

A Hypertension Natural Alternative

Being that you are reading this article right now, tells me that you want to be pro-active about your blood pressure. And you are starting on the right track! Because most people who suffer from the deadly disease will see a doctor and begin to pop the pills of diuretics, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, alpha blockers or vasodilators. And most people will see some improvement with their pressure but most will be doing more harm than good.

The thing about traditional medical treatment is that it is simply hiding the score of the disease and not the cause. Though it is a silent disease meaning that is shows no signs, it is most often the result of bad lifestyle habits. In fact, your weight or activity levels are the two greatest reasons why you might suffer from high blood pressure. And by taking these ‘miracle’ medications, you are NOT dealing with the root of the problem but simply using synthetic chemicals that either cause your heart to pump slower or relax your arteries. Therefore, you will see significant drops when you test but who are you really kidding besides yourself? Something tells me that according to the statistics; the meds aren’t fooling our bodies!

But a hypertension natural alternative is a simple as changing a few lifestyle changes involving your diet. Here are 6 high blood pressure dieting tips that will drop your points in weeks!

High Blood Pressure Dieting Tips

1. Sodium is the knock-out punch of high blood pressure. Have you been watching your salt intake? Our company’s natural health medical doctor suggests you reduce your sodium intake to 2,300 milligrams a day. The recommended daily allowance for sodium is 2,400 milligrams a day in the United States. If you haven’t looked at one lately, start looking at the labels.

2. Flee from fat! Fat equates to cholesterol, saturated fat, and trans fat which is a catalyst for the disease. Keep your fat intake to less than 60 grams per day. If you enjoy eating out, most restaurants now offer health-conscious entrees that are low in fat and cholesterol. And they are surprisingly good, I’ve tried them.

3. Beef its what’s for dinner! If you are anything like me you probably were raised on meat. But usually meat or any animal products should be synonymous with cholesterol and fat. We recommend reducing your meat consumption or only eating fresh fish, chicken, turkey or lean meats. It should be noted that many packaged or canned fish are loaded with sodium for preservation.

4. Water-soluble fiber! Water what? It would be highly recommended to eat fresh fruits and raw (uncooked) vegetables throughout the day. The more color and variety the better. Keep the skin on for extra nutritional value. A good goal would be at least 5-6 servings per day. You will notice an increase in energy level and a reduction in blood pressure in 2-3 weeks.

5. Protein! A good way to add protein and lower points is by eating nuts, seeds, dried beans, and whole grains. Protein will build muscle if accompanied with a little exercise and in return will lower your your score in weeks.

6. What you drink! What you drink is extremely important. A good rule of thumb is to stop drinking alcohol (or moderate) and coffee. You should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. A good alternative to coffee is tea (especially green tea). Both drinks have been proven to lower high blood pressure.

Make the Change Today!

What else do you need to know about the natural treatment? A lot! What vitamins are essential for a healthy circulatory system? What supplements have been shown to lower points in weeks? What foods are vital for HBP sufferers? What foods are killing HBP sufferers? What do you need to know about going to the gym? Why will potassium and magnesium be your new best friend? And everything else you need to know about the natural treatment!

Learn these answers from our company’s personal health doctor and researchers who put together a complete High Blood Pressure Report that is guaranteed to normalize your high blood pressure or we don’t charge you a cent. To check out how our report (sent to your computer instantly) and guarantee (no questions asked) is revolutionizing the high blood pressure industry, please visit our website and see how you could be part of the healthy thousands who have tossed the medication and cured themselves naturally… the way nature intended!

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