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Improve Your Health Before Aging Externally and Internally

Posted on July 17, 2019 in Uncategorized

For men and women the years will come and go and stopping the aging process is just not quite possible. During the years our body as well as our health generally will decline in some way or another and when we get to the half way point or middle age it is not uncommon to get health problems or illnesses that we have not experienced before. There are many diseases and kinds of illnesses that will occur that often give us no indication of what is coming but there are some things we can do to reduce the aging effects.

For women and men there are specific gender related diseases such as prostate cancer for men and cervical or breast cancer for women. The bigger concern, at least from a female perspective is the affects of the aging process as to how we look physically. We strive to stay healthy for our body sake but the main push behind any attempts to stay healthy generally relate to the physical look of our bodies. While you can’t stop the process of aging all together there are some things that you can do to put the brakes on a little bit and these changes while the desired effect is more external will indeed improve our internal health systems as well.

We, both genders, need to make sure that we take care with what we eat and drink. Everyone has heard that you should be drinking 8 glasses of water per day however it is considered that drinking even more than this helps greatly with your health. When you remain hydrated with plenty of fluids, not alcoholic varieties, your skin will appear smoother and can often obtain that glow that everyone talks about. Using excessive makeup for women to produce the desired look does not actually assist in helping your inner health improve.

As well as drinking as much water as we can we should also be eating as healthily as possible. Our diet should be a good balance overall not just one day a week where we concentrate on good eating habits. Our food choices should include balanced diet options. When I use the word diet I do not mean that you should be constantly dieting, you should be taking care with the daily foods that become your daily diet. Making sure you are eating a lot of fruit and vegetables with a good balance of quantity and variation not only for health but also to help us maintain good food choices. If you eat the same foods day after day you become bored, your body requires variation just as much as your mood or feelings require variations in what you eat.

The way we are living also has a great affect on our health. In many cases your bodies make up or genes have a great deal to do with your external appearance and in some cases your risk for diseases. However the way we live and the amount of daily stress and strain we force our bodies to endure also affect the way we look and feel. An example of a bad lifestyle would be all the bad habits that we get into from an early age such as smoking and drinking but also includes aspects such as whether we eat well and at regular times as well as whether we are in fact sleeping well and long enough to allow our bodies the chance to rejuvenate. The more you push your body in your younger years to conform to all the parties and late nights in most cases will come back to haunt you and show in your physical appearance.

Exercise of course is a major factor. Many people do not like to exercise, myself included. However if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle you must include forms of exercise. If you are not someone who likes to exercise then you need to find other activities that incorporate some exercise within them. Such as going to the beach and swimming or playing with your friends or your children. Try to include some physical activities in your life that you do not perceive as exercise as when you feel it is a task you are more likely to come up with excuses to not partake. There are simple things you can do such as parking your car a long way from your intended destination forcing yourself to walk more and yes the demands of jobs and time frames has an impact on whether this is possible but try at least 3 times a week to do this and you will be introducing exercise into your lifestyle.

However you look at it you are unable to stop the process of aging short of cosmetic options which only reach the outside appearance and will not improve your internal health in any way. However in saying that the way you feel on the outside can indeed improve the way you feel about maintaining or improving your internal health as when you feel good you are more likely to take care of your body than if you feel that the age has caught up already. So try to consider options that will suit your lifestyle that allow you to make changes that will better your health and improve the way aging has already affected your outer appearance.